Oyster Roast

Nothing quite like the smell of Gulf Oysters roasting over an open fire on a crisp night. I used to work as a commercial fisherman in the Florida Keys and I’m awful partial to Apalachicola Oysters that generally grow through the Florida Panhandle and south down to Brownsville, Texas. You can safely eat oysters year-round now, but they’re at their peak taste in the cooler months October through May. We use only Single Select oysters (no cheap, muddy clusters)

We keep the oysters on ice until steaming them on site in a commercial trailer steamer that produces up to four bushels of oysters every 12 minutes, and can feed a crowd of 300 in 2 ½ hours.

We supply 4 x 8 foot shucking tables, cocktail sauce, crackers, towels, Texas Pete, and haul off the shells. Call for a quote, prices vary according to the season.

We also cook some kick-ass, boat paddle gumbos/jamabalayas in a 25-gallon iron wash pot from Baton Rouge, as well authentic Coon Ass crawfish boils (with live Big Reds from Mamou), boudin links/Tasso from Comeaux’s, and live fire grilled oysters a la Dragos (ghee/butter, garlic and fresh ground Parmigiano Reggiano – not that sawdust crap in the round green box, you know what I’m talking about.